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Roxane Lahidji | Medina


As a craftsman would do, Roxane Lahidji lays respectful eyes on the tanned skins of leather. She learned through time and experience that such material, and the skills it requires to be treated, are of high value. Yet, the harshness of an industrially emptied skin reminded her of another reality of craftsmanship. Dr§awing from her experiences in the Maghreb, she got in an ambivalent position, where on one side, the matter matters, and where on the other one, its ordinary leaves it with low esteem. By heat-pressing the cut-out skins, she attempted to rebuild a material worthy of consideration. Quickly, through this process, the overlapping lines and surfaces started to draw arabesques in her eyes, and once again brought her back to the North African moucharabiehs. Feeding on this constant exchange of knowledge and experiences, she grew her research into finely crafted room dividers and lamps, that exploits the imperfection of the overlaying as an intrinsic quality for light dissemination and obstruction.


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