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Woojai Lee | Leather Fiber


Leather scraps were presented to us. Once a complete sheet of leather had been used to produce goods from the factory and the leftovers have been cut into random small pieces. In order to bring these pieces of leather back into a complete piece of material, I looked back into its smaller state of form. By sanding these leather pieces, I have turned them into leather fibers. Using these fibers, I experimented in reconstructing the leather fibers into a new form of material. My initial experiment with fibers started with paper making. The fibers of the leather closely resembled the fibers of pape. Paper is made by interlocking the fibers to each other and I wanted to do the same with leather fibers. By using the traditional paper making technique, I have created a pool of leather fiber with water and experimented to combine the leather fibers with other various materials, such as paper, plastic mash and threads. My interest in turning the leather into its smallest state and recreating the structure of the material is most appealing for me with this project. I will be continuing with further experimentations with different materials and to create a new structure of material with leather fiber.


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