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Woojai Lee | Leather paper


Almost like a molecular cook would do it, Woojai Lee likes to break down materials to their most basic elements, reduce them to their most primary, almost essential state. Through this process, he opens up the possibilities of what one specific material can become. In the case of leather, it is the fibrous aspect of the matter that raised from the shredding of it. Based on his knowledge of paper, Woojai wondered if he could rebuild a whole sheet of material out of the chiselled industrial leftovers. Through experimentations, he recreated a hybrid sheet, half skin-half paper; a sort of Shelley-like material coming right out of a science-fiction movie. These skins, that could come from what would be an unprecedented race of cows, are reconstituted into surfaces that have both the smell and the bouncy touch of leather. Playing with the tints of the residues, he reconstructs coloured skins that talk about industry, poetry and, a little about science madness.

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