The Materialists





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Woojai Lee coordinator


Paohui Kao  communicator


Maxime Benvenuto  editor


Sooji Lee  visualisator

The Materialists are a team of talented creatives whom through their projects, question and challenge the potentials of materials by playing with techniques, crafts and processes. We aim to find new and innovative ways to apply their findings in order to communicate their stories through the characteristics of materials, contributing in this way to fields going from crafts to industry.






In the design field, materials are most important. Not only they provide us with specific aesthetics, but it is also a matter of knowledge and resources that need to be accounted for more than ever before. This is why we aim to bring designers and industries together, in order to share their beliefs and ideas to explore the hidden potentials of a material.






We believe that when we work together, we stimulate and enhance our capabilities. That is why we work to bring together teams of designer, in order that they may be both inspired and challenged by each other. In this perspective, we strive to work with various material industries, enhancing this stimulation and the creation of knowledges and possibilities.




How We Work


The Materialists organise, curate and design shows around the theme of a specific material to show how designers challenge and reveal the potential of a same material. Our aim is not only to make things happen, but also to communicate about it and to share the possibilities that exist. Through this, it allows to widen the knowledge circle and the spreading of new ideas on how to deal with materiality, hence finding new solutions and ideas.